Making cheating enjoyable again.

Raven B+

A new era of ghost cheating.

Free and open source.

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Now supporting Feather Client & Labymod!

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Why choose Raven?

Raven B+ prides itself on being free. Free for all. Supplying enhancing mods to the player base to boost your PVP skills against sweats.

What MC versions does Raven B+ support?

Currently we support versions 1.8.9, and ONLY 1.8.9, as it is the easiest and most popular version to provide cheats for. However, Raven B+ does come packaged with No Hit Delay, mimicking 1.7.10, so feel free to use Raven on your favourite 1.7 servers!

Does this bypass X server?

Raven is built to bypass most servers, whether it be Hypixel or Minemen. It all depends on the config of the client, so if you set it up right, then yes! Yes it will bypass!

Does this bypass X screenshare tool?

We don't recommend playing on servers that SS, since Raven is a forge mod, and most screensharers will be able to check to see if the mod is legit.

How can I make my own changes to Raven?

Raven B+ is fully open source! Check out the source code here!


Made for the people. Raven is always accepting suggestions on what to add. Small quality of life improvments, to entire modules. Feel free to submit!


With its code fully open source, you'll never have to worry about someone getting ahold of your personal data.


Customize your config until your hearts content. Everything can be manipulated and tuned to match your perfect playstyle.

Raven B+ | For the community